time to stand the hell up.!

Weirdly, or it’s more obviously every feeling that I’ve been using when I wrote my last post now is completely changed.Sadly can’t say in the positive way, and this mess already makes me feel so tired.
I should do something.
I think it’s very casual human being thing to not being successful in your job, not being phenomenally talented at some thing or having a long lasting lifetime when you feel worthless of everything, when your own existence seems to you as pointless as it could ever been, when people and everyday mode of life, buses and trains and sweated faces annoys you so hard that you are clearly ready to kill every single of us, having an aim to save people from this misery,but this takes really long, I think it shouldn’t.
Honestly, if before I seemed myself interesting, when I could stand under a tree and talk to myself for an hours very easily analysing everything, talking to myself, having new ideas, now I’m just disgusted of me too.I don’t understand myself. I can not absolutely understand a person who sits there, doing nothing but being displeased, putting the blame on life, of whoever that she’s not happy, that she’s not where she wants to be.
Really, saying this is now hard for me, but I litterally gave up, I stoop down I didn’t care about the way I’m gonna feel.
I were crying in the buses awkwardly, being sorry to myself, they say only assholes do that, well I know I behaved as an asshole, even worse as an foul.
I don’t know where am i going, but i know now and here I’m going to work my ass double off and dissappear.And if something will keep me back, I know iside of me I’m just an miserable stupid ambitious idiot.
So now, dare to give up.Then you don’t even desirve to live.


The youth are starting to change,are you?

I said. it happens, now.

People if you ever thinking that your life is gonna stay in the same tone forever, you are mistaking.A month ago my thoughts has been consisting of ” life is unfree humane torture ” and :I don’t have reason to fight, I don’t want to”  “no matter”  thinking about death eternely. Now I have learnt something new and so much important. Nobody has ever reached of his biggest passion whithout struggling the boredom and which is motivating to understand what you can do, what are your abalities, how much you can do and even not having your dreams in your hands right now right here, you are calm inside that in this moment in this period of your life when you do what you hate when your days are so heavy and when the surroundness is killing you and inside of you, you are absolutly not taking part of anything happens around, but you are so aware that this is the path this is what is taking you closer to your passion, literraly every second, every minute, day in day.And you feel it and it makes you calm cause this is what you should do, nothing happens itself and at the same time everything happens itself. Let me explain. The change in your life comes itself and you don’t even notice it because by trying to hunt the change for a long time you left it and it came by itself and when it comes you take it.Then it’s your time to make the real move, the exact move which  you’ve been reasearching for a lot of years, now it’s time to use it, to fight it and the most important have a patience, you should fight and win it. Cause ones in your life the chance is passing by your side and it takes a look to you. Sometimes you ignore it, sometimes you understand what it is actually.So let’s move to my story and to face the real facts in my life.

A month ago I’ve got invitation to an office, to look and understand wheter I want to work there, it was just an invitation and I was so scared that I’m not enough because in that time of my life my head has been going crazy, I was feeling that I’m becoming so unhealthy. I putted so much pressure on myself, wanting a lot more than I was able to give myself. I thought, “oh well, life fucked me up much more earlier, than I expected, it whould..” and the worst minds surrounded me about death and idiotic change of my life dreams. I’ve litterly lost myself at every point. Everything I’ve been doing has been consisted of the misunderstand. I wanted to give up, I spited at my dreams, I thought they hurt me and I don’t have to fight for something not worth to be fought for.WHAT!? That what is gonna make you happy, do you remember I talked about the real happiness and how important it is for me. I just can’t give up, I’m going crazy.And then, after this mental attacks, I’ve got myself cleares up of the idea that everybody else is smarter and better than me, I should stop look at the life as a competition. My life’s mine.What the hell is wrong with me.

I have a job, now, I hate it, honestly I hate office job. we are as differant as the Mount Everest and iPhone 1 . Absolutly unrelated to each other. But I know one thing. I’m stepping into my dreams, my journey starts of earning money and can you imagine how many more journeys are waiting for me. Never say “NO” to the things you have no idea about..


will be alright.

Honestly, I am proud of myself that I could fight and win the demon which has been living inside of me two years before. I am ashamed of my own words, that I’ve wrote here to someone. Relatives or friends or even worse to my mom, I was literally ungrateful asshole who thought only about her senseless existness.                                         There is something in my heart what  I’m not even being able to pronounce.But I want to be honest to me and confess that I can’t remember a day when I felt real happiness. I know it might sound unrealistic cause there’s should be something, in somewhere deep hidden in memories that will make me smile jelously to go back to that moment, to that second and feel the same happiness.The blame is all mine and everything was and still is so confusing but I can’t remember a day, an hour,  a second me in the euphoria of happiness, this is too much grievous to me to even think about, but by living a grey and too much unknown life..here’s results.Here comes a time when you say to yourself ”at least you should have tried”. So coming over this story I will make myself happy very soon and after doing that I’ll come back here and I’ll share everything…           So, now what I wanted to talk about is that the spleen of 13/15 years old me has been gone away and I don’t know how could I talk about anybody like that, how could I be that young and that much heartless. I want to delete all my angry thoughts that I wrote here and burn whole of diaries but these are times and they are changing and of course reading my old stupidness makes me smarter and stronger now.

Now while everything is hundred times more awful in my life when my family moved to somewhere that makes me breath very uneasy at every moment, when i’m unimaginably out of my comfort and I feel airless, where I feel depressed and downtrodden, not needed and……I want to stop talking like this. Like the dumbness of mine is consist of that I’m so aware that by labeling myself as “somehow” makes me like that more.So I should stop call me “depressed”,”sad”, “uncreative” or whatever else, right now.                             And here’s the thing I can’t put the blame of  my uncomfortability to anybody else.             I know I’m so immature now, that I think this situation won’t change and I’ll stay unhappy forever..But I know, I fucking know every damn thing that disturbs me now will disappear so soon and every damn feeling to. Will be alright….


don’t even know where from to begin.I feel shame for repeating the same words again and again, the same thoughts and feelings. I feel shame to my own personality. I feel guilty that the person that I am use to be is not happy now, and I don’t know wheter she will ever be, even sentimentaly, I am so sorry that i made for me too many “glorious” dreams and desires.The saddest thing is I am so aware that every materialistic thing doesn’t exist for me and every wish of mine has a background and whatever happens all of my dreams, they have only one meaning and only one thing’s hidden under all of them.I lie to myself saying “oh. at least this..” but everything even not I want but I need,  I really need as breathing is going far away from here. I mean i don’t care where, I might sound creepily immature or stupid or whatever, but for a second imagining myself away from here, from where I’ve been locked for too much time, imagining that I whould be away from all of this things that has putted me under this repression and made me feel this much done and downtrodden, all of the people who makes me feel unworthy, untalented and useless, it makes me have the heavy breath of hope.I don’t know whatever could happen but I also don’t care at all, I rather die (which I’m slowly doing) than too stay here, get nausea of my own existness as i am doing several years…I rather die

and this is not the saddest story the saddest thing is that I know I am gonna cry all my life for everything.

right here and right now.



and now the rain has become the hope
it is the only which has the look of the peace
maybe it will replace of our outlet
or even of our tears
to follow the rain seems impossible itself
but if to try, it doesn’t sting while it’s beating
it only strokes rudely
and that stroking is beautiful, isn’t it?
they are just drops, now
but they’re looking like the sparkles of “the hopes” for some
and as the rain is very beautiful and it doesn’t hurt while its beating
just stand and feel it
and the hurt.you won’t feel it
funny thing? it is that the hope and peace and pain doesn’t exist now


inspired by the rain itself



After all.

A month later. And I am here as I promised (tho nobody cares)
I survived and as 15 years old me decided to introduce her graduation achievement like this, I won’t dissapoint her and I will do the same
“I fu*ked the school behind”
And I know this is such an immaturity but I could not offend her.
I overed with my school, with the place that everybody hates and as a very usual kid I hated too, I felt so surrounded and disparate whole these years and everything that has happened and everything we’ve been through and everything that we have become here and now.sadily I can absolutly not describe this in the right way. I am just too much unable…
And now… I thought I will become happiest person… but now I’m in unlimited abiguity
I am aware, yes i am to much aware and I also knew before that everything is not supposted to go in the right way, I clearly knew that I’m not gonna be enough.And now I am not gonna find justifications, I am not gonna struggle against to me.
I thought I found the key of being a little bit oriented and relaxed but now, when everybody asks me what is your plan and I stand silent and confused begging with my haze to not ask me such a question anymore.
I don’t know what I want and I don’t say what is right for me but the most important question is what I want.What my heart wants?.I feel so emptied, I thought I will forget by just forgetting my own existness for a while, i thought it is my salvation, to forget about “I am” and to start thinking about everything else.But ego wins it wants to be in the center of attention and to be thinked about whole the time.
Now, I write and I am so surprised that I am able to do, because I haven’t notice how I lived during this last 3 days.

calmed down.

Today I would like to explain what is happening.

It has been such an alive months and it’s only because emotions  yielded to the minds and that’s why I felt comfortable inside of me, during this time I have been in situations that I used to get face to face the real things, the time came to already come out of where I was living and unlikely to me be around the people that I absolutly don’t match with. There was a problem about adaptation and I used to choose wheter I want to work with bunch of people I feel not comfortable with and earn money or get adapted and accept the things I don’t want to. I am maybe so much far of knowing life and even knowing my own personality but I always been into comfort. I know too much well the ideas of being out of your comfort zone and only then you are better person, at some point I even accept it tho I’m lately being too much against of living by sitting at the any idea, but now the thing I know is that I am not ready to do what, what I hate. It seems everything in my life turns in this confused way, because I know the idea of mine about the comfortability disturbs me and it always will but at the other point, I could have chose to stay where I am now, and never go away after my goal just because I can stay in my comfort zone and I won’t be needed to work and nobody will judge me because of my choices..I know I am being too much confusing and it makes me annoyed too but I can’t stuggle with my situation because it is so disbalanced and uncontrasted. But while I tried to struggle to myself and my feelings even worse to my minds I tried to imagine myself in the role of  nihilist, even by having idea that i am trying to be the person who doesn’t care, but the thing I can laugh at very easily is when people label themselves as a “some type of person” and then say that they are free as hell, examples no offend but the atheists or nihilists, it seems to me such an self-deception, but that wasn’t something I wanted to talk about.

I can say I continued to educate myself, I still continue too and the thing is maybe when I always talk about the books I read and about the ideas I am being interested in or everything else I talk about that is related to my self-education, it may seem so locked and so  regular.But I am trying to be as free as possible in this theme, I want to be honest with myself and to get to know what I am really interested in and not only what I use or have to know, tho sometimes this learning type can surrounds you as much so you whould like to tear yourself apart to know more and more.

What else, I remeber last year in this season I was so despaired
and disappointed, because I didn’t win the GreenCard and I thought this is the end of the life, this year I fail again but now I look back and laugh at myself, but also I am doing the  conclusions about the experiences and how the same fail makes you grown more..Now I know everything is gonna be awsome and even no, even I won’t get the chance to study where I want to maybe I won’t live where I wish and maybe everything is gonna go wrong, but tell me please isn’t it the real life. Surrounded with the disappointments and worries. At last I will smile  and I’m sure you will to. Stay safe and I will see you after a month when I will be quite free of school forever in that case when
last year I was so worried that the school lasts too long….