This is beginning and I don’t know how long I’m gonna continue

And hey i desided make a blog  this is like a “open diary”and I’m  trying write about something  about  what I  can’t speak  with  my momma  or  my one  and  only  friend..I’m  trying have  a  blog  like Jenna  from  “Awkward”  just my  life fucking uninteresting than her  and I’m writing with knowing  that  I’m  alone here  and  I will always  gonna  be write here  alone  whatever I  don’t  know  how  long  I’m  gonna  write..

So this is  me, girl  from somewhere not  famous like  LA  or NY  but I dream  about big city life and the only one thing  I want  is  go  far  from  here and  I’m not going to  tell u  where from I am coz I have 3 % hope that  one  day  someone will  read  this..And  yea I’m  not  speaking English  well I think  you already understand, but I just dream  about  day  when I will  speak so  fast  and so  right  English how doing  my lovely American  people..And  yea maybe I’m  damn  boring but  I wanna  cool  life, here are people  so  boring  and uninteresting I  just  wanna  go far  from  here  and  stay away from  here FOREVER..Here  are  people  full  of hating but I  want live  like  teenager, I want  be  funny  and beautiful,  I want  have  a  plans, damn  I  wanna  live a  life and  enjoy, whatever  and even  I have 0.5% chance  I Believe, I  believe so freaking much and I’m  gonna  fight, I will  never give up..Bye no one


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