two life types, I’m weird

And hey, in  today  morning  I  thought my  life have 2 types  they are funny  with my  friend  and  alone drama..With my  friend  I’m  always laughing and we think if  someone  will film  movie about  us its gonna  be  most  idiot and  funny  movie  ever coz  together we are  so damn funny and its too cool..But  when  I’m  alone  I  always  dream  my  day beginning with  dream  and over  with  dream..Maybe you  wanna  ask “So why you  don’t spend a  lot of  time  with your friend  and  then  you  will  have  more fun” Yes I  think  that  with her so funny and  interesting  but  I don’t wanna  forget  about  my dreams  and  plans  cause  most  important  things for me is my dreams and I  don’t  want just  sit and laugh like I’m dumb. no  I  wanna fight  and  have interesting fun..Its not easy..easy  is boring

I’m  trying change  my  life, I  want  do that but I’m  living in most  boring  place  ever and maybe  u wanna say if  u  would like u  can find  somewhere  interesing  in  your  place,  my  answer NO!! cause  even  I find somewhere interesting  I  don’t  have  any connection with this  people, I want other, other  life and other  people, sometimes I  think  that  life  doesn’t for me cause how  happy I am gonna  be,again  I want  my  dreams, I  just  can’t understand what the difference about just  be  happy and  be  happy  in your  dream life and  whatever I  can’t  understand  it  but  I want it..Sometimes  I  can’t  understand  what am I  need..

And its hurts…see you ♥


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