The horrible days in my teenage life..

I  wouldn’t call  this  teenage..cause  every  teenager have  interesting  problems  and  yes  I  think  everybody  must  have  problems and make for them  good  finish..But I….I  even  can’t  understand  what I want,  sometimes  I  feel I don’t  want even  live  but  then  I think  no,  I  want live,  I  want  have such  an  interesting and  funny  life,  I  wanna  travel,  I wanna  go  away from  people..I just wanna  be  far and  alone..I  really  don’t  need  anybody…I  want  FREEDOM

And  day  by  day its  getting so  hard  for me,  I  even  can’t cry, but maybe  I  wanna  cry..My mom  never  asks me ”why  are u  sad”,  she  never asks  me  ”maybe  I  can  help you”  and  even  when  she ask  me  I  can’t give  her  answer coz I’m  not  friend  with  her, and  I’m  not  friend  with  my  one  and  only  friend, I  just feel  alone..Only  God with  me  but  lately  He is,  I  don’t  wanna  say  something  bad,  but  like  He  forget  about  me, but  I  know  that  it  isn’t  true,  I  know  that  God  always  with  me and  He will  always  gonna be  with  me,  I believe..And in  my  fucking  life  one  and  only  good thing  His  presence and  feeling that  He is  with  me..

In  other way  my  mom only  thinks  about  her  unlucky  and  stupid,  sister  and  brother..They  are  so sucks,  they  are  mature  persons  but they  are not did  something  serious in  theirs life..  theirs  only  hope is  my momma and my  mom  always  care  about  them,  and  its  make  me  nervous freak..She  always talk about  them and  about  theirs problems and when  I  want  speak about my  plans  or  about  what I want she again  and  again  speaking  about  her  fucking relatives, and  I  wanna  scream   ”I’m  not  interested about  your  fucking fuck people” I  even  don’t  hate  them..And  most  horrible they  don’t  leave  me’s sister with  her daughter and  grandson came to  live  with  us,  oh  what me  doing,  cause  my “dears”   have  problems and why….I wanna be  alone, I just  need be alone

                                                                            LIVE  ME ALONE  FUCKIN  PEOPLE 


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