That’s really pretty when you have someone good ♥

Yeah I  told  you that these days were  really  fucking  horrible and I couldn’t  even  breathe and  then  I desided go  somewhere  with  my friend coz I thought that  she will  make me  happy..And it was  right cause everytime I’m  meeting  with  her  I’m forgetting  all  bad  things  and we  just  starting  lough and after that  meeting  I feel  really  better and  live, coz  all  the  day  sitting  at  home  with  your  not favorite people its  really damn  bad..So even  if in this  boring  country there  are  nothing  interesting,  but right  now here  are  full of  travelers and its  soooo  good cause  I like travelers  so  so  freakin  much  they are so  good and kind they are  always smiling, they aren’t  unhappy  like  my city’s people…So  we  had really good  time  and  I  would  like  have  days  like  this a  little more  coz be  with  your friend and have  a  fun,  its really pretty..

So,  I think  you already  know  that  I  dream about living  in USA, in LA and for that yesterday me  with mom and sister  took a  part in lottary  “green  card” I registered our  family but I think something  went  wrong and  if really  I’m  afraid  a  few..But I know  that  will be  alright..God  always  with me and He  always helps me..I’m  so  thankful..

So  wish  me  good  luck,  cause  right now  that’s  all  I  need


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