Wish me good luck, I’m waiting for october**

And  I  really  hope that  this  all  will  be  alright..Yesterday  I  told  you that  I  took  a  part  in  lottery  green card which helps  so  easy  live,  work and  study  in  USA..and  I  told you  that  I  did  something wrong  but  nah, right  now  I’m  gonna  wait  for october to  know  answers of  lottery and  I’m  so  pretty excited coz I  believe  that  God will  help  me  to win  green  card, and can  you  imagine then  my  all  dreams  will come  true..I just  believe and if  really  I had some  chances  in  before, to go  to my  dream  way,  but they  were just  conversations but  this  is real  this is  all  I  need and  I  have  big  hopes  that  this  would  be  more  than  just  conversation or  something..I  hope  that  with  this, I will  have  what  I  need,  I  will  live in my  dream  life  and then  I will be most happy  person  in  this  fucking life…

And  another reason  to  be  happy,  that  my  mom and my  sister  agree live  there  to..And  I  will  leave this  boring  fuck  city, already..And  you  know  I’m  afraid  to  be  super excited and  ready because everytime when  I’m  really  breathing  so fast  and  all  the day  thinking  about that  dreams  isn’t coming  true. Even  people says “If  u  want  something so so much  you  will get  it, for sure”…So, I  hope so..

And  everytime  when I’m  just  imagine  that I’ll arrive in LAX,  I  think I will  lose my consciousness and  that  minds make  me pretty happy..I  just  hope  will be alright..

Please  God my  help me, how usual… ♥♥♥


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