I living in fuck life, I hate that fuck girl

And  again  I  just  wanna die, my  fuckin  “sister”   people  calling  this fucking  disgusting  hipocrite person  sister..That  shit  always  make  me  cry like  always, and  why,  only  for  some  shit money.  I  hate  money.. Yes in  my  mom’s  credit card  I spend some  money and she  knows  about  it,  she became  most  cute and  kind  girl..She’s  like  I  love you  sissy..And  then  she asked me  “can I  oder  dress  from some  site” I’m  like  I  need  that  money  I  can’t  give  it  to  you..and  really I  need money  for  pasport  which  I’m gonna make  for  America, can u  understand  me that  shit  money  for  my  dream and  not  her fucking  dress and  then when  she  knows  that  I’m  not  going  give her  that  money,  she  became  monster she    FUUUCCCCKKK she  spit  in me and  God  it were  really  horror I  felt  I’m  died  and  I was  freak  I  beat her  but  I  swear she made me  fuckin  mad..

Yes my  mom  understood that  it isn’t  were my  fault but again  she’s not doing any  step  to  make me  calm and  I’m again sitting  in  balcony  and I’m  crying  for some  piece of shit…

I love  you  mom and  so sorry that you  aren’t understand  me..

And  I’m  again  lost  and  alone  with my  fucking  minds which planing  run  far  away  from here and  live  calm  without  thinking about fuckin  people and  I  really  hate  people so  much, and  I don’t  think  I’ll  find  some kind  person, so  I would  like  stay  alone  forever..

I would  like  go  somewhere  with  my  friend  its  always  helps and I’m glad  I  have  somebody  who  can  make  me happy..Even  if  sometimes  I  think  I don’t know  her  at  all to..

I  really  wanna hide  from  everybody, Help  me  God my..


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