I’m for sure, I’ll get it, God knows..Some new things

новый коллаж

Hay,  I wanna  dream and  I  wanna  dream..Okay  yesterday I’ve  gone  to church  and again  I’m for  sure church is  the best and  calm place  ever  in  the world,  My advice when  you’re  depressed go  to  church..I  wanted just wanted to talk to God  a  lot, but  everytime I’m  going  church I  can’t  say  anything except thank you..after  that I  feel that for sure we  gonna  win  that  GreenCard,  I don’t  know why,  but I’m  really sure,  maybe cause I  was  really  faithful..I really  believe that  will  be alright, my feeling is so confident  about  it.

So  the next thing  I’ve  got  I  always dreamed to become  photographer and, right now  I’m  doing my first steps,  I know I don’t  have more beautiful  things  to shot, but I  gorra make  them beautiful  with my own  eyes and  hand.The sky  is so beautiful,  that I can  make  a  million  beautiful,  vintage  and  misterious  photos  of  it..I’ll try my best  to got anything really  good,I’m  for sure  I  will post  here my  better works, I’m really  so excited..and I already have cashbox for  new  and   better camera..

So  thats  was all  to tell u, I’m  really so glad I  feel  how  God  helping  me  and staying with  me, thats all that’s  life..Thanks  God my,  stay with me and  will be  alright…


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