Hey, I missed here so much but I couldn’t write, but anyways, I’m here and I’m so glad..

I can say I’m really other person. I don’t know myself, but one  thing I know for  sure  that I’ve become better person. In  before I couldn’t imagine that I can have a plans for  where I’m living, but happened weird thing and I’ve got a lot of plans till my real dreams will come true. I don’t know how to write my happiness in here because I’m really so  excited and everything is so good  so cool, the Christmas time is so positive, I’m so glad. I don’t know.. I  love the world, I want the peace and I know everything is going to be alright..


Okay about 2 months ago I felt I’m really changed. I didn’t prayed for my dreams, the only thing I wished is the peace, I started appreciate what I have, I started love my family more and more, I started love everybody and everything in this pretty world, but I understood that I’ve never hated          anybody, I never wished to anyone sad things. Another thing I understand is that  the most important  things  for life is having hope, faith and love, of course I knew about these things but I figure them out in my soul.. Another thing I wanted to understand  is that what is the life, really, in that period the life became for me too boring, I thought ok if I will get  my dreams, what is going to happen after that all. But after that I understand what is the meaning this all, sure I can’t  get whole my answers but how I feel that’s so good. Cause the life is interesting with a bunch of  questions we have for it. I understand that if I’m living so I have an meaning, that’s to find love.

Love is mean the life,  love  means the  light and that light is we are, with many mistakes, and imperfections, but this is we are and this is our life.. Really I thought so much about this all and maybe I didn’t get the real answers but I’m really so glad I’ve got life, reasons and  everything God is giving me..

About my life’s changes..

I really was so freaked, I didn’t understand what is happening with me, I thought I’m in love but in a place thinking  how I can get  attention, I figure out other thing, that if  I like or love someone my life is really  success but I can’t say I was in love that “love” was the love to everything, that’s showing that I can’t hate, and I’m so glad..

Another hobbies I’ve  got   really I fell in love with writing and reading. In before when    I could waist    my time with only fucking TV or internet  I’m spending    either with  writing or reading books..

One of the poems I wrote in the  picture I really like this one so much, writing, shoting, reading, dreaming, learning something new these things are a really big big inspirations for me..

Btw I’m going to learn Italian cause I always dreamt about it and I’m going to make my dream true. And I’ve got new plans about Europe correctly about Italy.

And I’m really  super happy I’ve got new reasons and I’m really so thankful. Really.