Miracles in the world..All about my faith

My  faith  getting bigger and  bigger, every  moment,  every  second, my  God is making new  miracles, this  is  really  wonderful, admirable. So  here is a  little story,  not  about  me but with connection of me..Maybe  even  without  connection but  whatever..So  some days ago, my  friend told me  that  a guy whos far relative of  her got in  coma, I  even  didn’t see  one  picture  of that  guy,  i even  didn’t  knew  his  name till  today, but I  was  really  in  shock  coz  he  is really so young, he  is  just 17 and  thats  was so  so sorry to lose  him even  I  don’t know  him, maybe  its  sound  really so  dumb, that  I’m worring about  someone  who I  even  don’t know, but here is  humanity, lately I started  pray  for  not only me  and my dreams, I  started  pray  to God, asking  health and luck  for  young people, this life actually  is  too short  to  lose it  in  young age, and i’m thinking more  about it  lately and I’m  starting to appreciate my  life..Really  thank  you God my  giving me a life, a lot people are  losing theirs  lifes and that is so sorry..I want  live my  life don’t  repenting it, and  in  the same  time be thankful..So  a  good  side  in  this story that boy woke up today, when my friend called me and told me  good  news  I was and I’m  really so happy..There are really  a  lot  of  miracles, we  just don’t  notice it all..

Appreciate, cos you can  lose it suddenly & at  once..