Fun time, Life is smiling at me

And  hey  from any long time…I’ve just  got internet and maybe already passed a  month  something  changed and  I’m  so  glad  that  I could  change any little  things..

So  let’s  tell  u  what happened during  a month..I’ve  got healthy and  I’m  feeling  better..Me and  my frend we are going  some  pretty  cool  place which  I  found and  I’m so  so  glad  that  I  found  in my  country American library, that’s like  place  what about  I  always dreamt…We are  watching there  English  movies we’re doing debate and reading classes that’s  really  so  fun..And  I  even took  some  American  book, that’s always  were me little  dream  have  real  English book..Guys  maybe  I’m  sound  dumb and  that is  weird  for  you that  I’m  getting happy  for  just one  stupid  book, but really appreciate what  you have  cuz very many  persons  dreaming about  what you  have  and  about  your life type..I’m  appreciateing my  life  to, coz I  know  any  kids dreaming about  normal  life and maybe my  life  not  what  I  really  want, whatever I’m  so thankful to  God for everything and I  think  that’s most  importanat  thing  in life that’s  have a  Faith coz if  you  have  a  Faith  you  gorra make  your  all  importanat dreams..Dream, Fight and  Belive in  yourself..

Will  be  alright,  I  believe..♥