What the hell I am zombie, Freaking coldness and back to school

oK. Halloween party, scary  people and blah blah blah..I  don’t  care at all. Because I know that this  all is  fun and we’re  having  fun, and  something unusual, I  even don’t  know, we’re  copied  it from  USA and  trying make  something but how  the  rule this isn’t what I wanted, lately I  understood one thing  that we want   what  we  don’t  have and  when  I will  get what I  want  now, it will  be for  me  usual and  I will don’t  care at it..

And so  how was  the  Halloween, I  could say  its always funny to  scare to someone, to be  scared,  meet  new  people, talk  about this all, but my  little  dream  was and  will  to go knock someones door  and  say “Trick or Treat” ahh, but in  our fucking  country  I can’t  do it  coz  not  everyone  celebrating this  holiday..So  this  year I was zombie and so do you like my ragged face? haha

Btw it was one week vacation and I was  at  home, tomorrow I will  go  to that  hell again,  Holy, you  just can’t  imagine how i  hate  there..Today I notice that  this  is getting  really  cold  here and I  felt a  real  cold this is the  time for winter  clothes..

Soo  this is  how  was  my weekend, with new  music, in ears  of cold  girl trying to  hide  from  everything.