We are here sad. lost. and empty.. I DONT CARE AT ALL

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I don’t  know..I’m  other person. my minds where  they are.  i  don’t  care in  future..my  fucking  future I  can  get  it  but I  can’t  at  the  same  time…I’m inspired I’m living  i’m  not realist  anymore I’m  not  afraid  to  make mistakes  or lose  my  friends or they’re just  acting  that  they  are  friends…If  really  i  don’t  care  i will have friends or not and  I’m  even don’t  care  that  they  have  more  cool  things..maybe  I’m  getting  angry maybe I  don’t  have  anything  to say, I  want that  freedom  and  I’ve  got  it  i’m  not  afraid  to  tell  them  that  I can live  better  without  them

I  want  that empty  and  mysterious  way..Maybe  i  grewn  up  faster and  I  understand  that  life isn’t  briliant and  nobody cares  cuz it  would be shit big shit if  life  will get perfect that  perfect is “perfect” not  real not good  as  people..

who needs  that  “perfect”..I’m smiling I  don’t  know  why..I’m a  freak.  i  just  want  be  Free  freak..i  have  to be..I’m  searching  that  clean,  empty and  at  the  same  time a full way..

I wanna  be  strong. to wait..freedom and love that’s all  need us…Forever,  forever  forevea………………and  yeah  i’m in  love  this  fucking  cool  lifeeeeeee  forever forever forever…..