Sad, Empty I even don’t understand, or I don’t even want to understand..

Anytime,  i think my  thoughts are lost..Already..maybe  this  is  the time  to get  free from  all  the rules and  don’t  think  about  anything..After  1  or 2  years  my schoolmates  going  to  university  or  somwhere  fuck..And they’re  already getting  ready..And what really  seriously you  wanna  tell me  to  go somewhere I  don’t  wanna  go..No!!  Really  thanks.. I  have  another  plans I  don’t  want  to  follow  the  rules,  I  have no  rules  i  gorra  do anything I  want but not  what they’re  going  to  do..I wanna get free and  be  alone,  i  wanna  work  my  own  money  and  spend  it how  i  like.. I  don’t  wanna  be  problem  for  my parents I wanna  live  where  I  want and do  what  i  really  want..I  don’t  know  maybe  that’s  sound  so  dumb..but whatever  i  don’t  care..I  know  I  choose more  hard  version  of  life- to  become    independent..But  that’s  the  way  i  like  it..I  know that its  gorra  be  more  hard  I  mean  very  hard  but  its  better  to  choose  other,  to     be  different..You  know easy  is  always  boring..

But  i’m  for  sure  I   don’t  want boring  life..I’m really  so  sure..I want  to  travel,  I  want  to go far and have my  dreams  cuz, I  can’t wait  anymore..And  I  really  don’t  fucking  care,  what  boring people  are  thinking  and  will  think  about  me..This  is  my  life  I  gorra live  it  how  i  like..God  gaves  everybody theirs  lifes and people  need  to take  care  for  theirs  own  lifes..

Be  Don’t  care at  all….